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Vagabond Security

A few months before the twins were born I was confronted by a young couple who wandered into the church looking for some financial assistance. Since I didn't have any money on me at the time, I gave them my number and suggested that they come by my house the next day and I could put them to work helping me paint the shed in my backyard and I would pay them for their time--a win-win.

I was legitimately surprised to hear the phone ring the next morning and the voice on the other end report that they were walking this way from the place they were staying at, Picadilly, about 8 miles away. They arrived around lunch time, so Katie and I fed them some PB&J sandwiches before putting them to work. We made great time and transformed a rather shabby looking yellow shed into a nice little red barn in my backyard.

While we were painting together, I was quizzing the young couple about their lives: their hobbies, previous jobs, how they ended up in the homeless bind they were in, etc. The g…

Borderline Blasphemy

As I was listening to the radio on my way home today I heard the song "God's Not Dead (Roaring Like a Lion)" by the Newsboys. The song reminded me of two things.

The first was that I recently heard that one of the founders of the Newsboys has come out and said that he is an atheist. He had left the band in 1990 and professed atheism in 2007, so this is not flashy news by any means, but still...

The second was the movie "God's Not Dead", which featured this song at the end of the film, along with the band backstage. I was reminded of some of the atheist friends I have who disbelieve that God is real or could be real.

And I realized that I, too, feel like God is not real sometimes.
In fact, usually I feel this way.

It is the rare instances in which I feel like God is real, that He is present, or that He is speaking to me.
But I don't think that this is because God isn't real, that He isn't present, or that He isn't speaking to me. I think it&#…