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Wow. So apparently I am just plain terrible at doing things incrementally.
-Thesis: I keep thinking it is easier to set aside a week or weekend and try to knock it out chunks at a time. Except that I never have chunks that big, nor do I care to fill them with thesis work. Little by little needs to be my motto.
-Working out: you don't just do a 2 hour workout session on Saturday and call yourself fit. I need to carve out 30 minutes a day to dedicate to keeping physically fit if I want to maintain good health.
-Spiritual discipline: isn't just something that happens on Sundays. I need to be in the Word by myself everyday as well as with my family everyday. Making God a priority should be easier then I make it.
-Writing a blog: all it takes is a little update periodically to be able to look back and see what's been going on and what I've been learning. But I can't do that if I don't write it down in a journal or public space like this. Blast me.

Well, in the meant…

I love to trim my bushes

There is nothing like a well manicured lawn with freshly shaped bushes. Clean flower beds and fresh lines in the grass cut at a diagonal. I've spent this past week weeding, trimming, and cutting and have one more long bed to weed and mulch. It will look so nice when it is done--like finally getting around to cleaning a bathroom, or brushing your teeth after two days of eating candy.

This morning I got a chance to go on a 2 1/2 hour bike ride with Mike and Joyce Flora and Art. We rode 20ish miles starting at 7am and wrapping up around 9:30. We rode downtown, uptown, through light rain, through heavy rain--it was a lot of fun. It is surprisingly empowering to ride a bike that far through familiar territory that you usually drive through. I may just start riding my bike to work (5 miles...uphill)