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Introvertly Extrovert

If I had to liken my personality to an animal I think I would be a chameleon. (speaking of which, who decided to spell that?)

I find myself becoming like those I am around. When I spend 2 weeks in Brazil, my speech starts to pick up a Portuguese dialect. When I am with baseball players, I tend to talk about sports, accomplishments, and make crass jokes. When I spend time with Renaissance Festival people (Ren Fest) I talk using a cockney accent and make lots of jokes. When I am with music theatre people, entertainment, music theorists, etc. I adopt similar speech traits and I adapt my interests and conversation to match other people's tones.

In many ways I could see this as a strength. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:22 I have become all things to all people so that by allpossiblemeansI might save some. In many ways that has been a life verse for me--I can grab a hold of what Paul meant here. And that can be a healthy thing. It is difficult to have a very deep conversation with someon…

Nothing worth stealing

If you happen to stumble across a 1994 Ford Ranger, nothing fancy about it with slight rust showing on the body and you notice that the owned left the door unlocked, don't try to break in and steal something. Chances are pretty good there is nothing worth stealing. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it looks like a cow.  There is DEFINITELY nothing worth stealing. So then, Mr. Friday-night-post-storm-glove-box-opener, what exactly did you think you would find in my truck?? The highest valued thing in there is my change jar for parking meters and you didn't even notice that!

Well, that aside, Friday night marked a duly interesting evening for me. Katie and I were at my parents house letting the grandparents of our first child have their fill of hugs and kisses. Round about 8:30p I checked in on the first place division-clinching Reds to see that the score was tied 1-1 in the 7th inning. Our magic number was 1 and all we needed was a run in order to clinch first place in the cent…

Facebook is no place for blogs.

I just rediscovered the art of the blog and realized that I make a lot of good memories when I am blogging. Blogging is different than journaling, you know. Journaling is that sappy chick stuff. Blogging is manly. Blogging requires quick wit and a mustache. You have to move to Canada to become a blogger and wear plaid. Blogging destroys rainforests. No. no, I must be thinking of something homophonic...

Alright, so here's the quick set up:
This past 370-odd days Katie and I have....
...relocated from Georgetown, KY to Linwood, Cincinnati
...finished our course work at UK
...started at a church in Cincinnati called Parkside Christian Church (
...bought a house
...lead worship for the North American Missionary Convention
...had the lead pastor at PCC fired after we were there for 2 months
...almost get a dog (until we found out...)
...find out we were pregnant a cruise (stupid me and clever phone salesman. No, just stupid me)
...sell both motorcycles