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the messy business of hospitality and gift cards...

Amazon marketplace is a wonderful place. You can buy virtually anything you can think of from there with frequent perks of free shipping and next day delivery. It's beautiful.

Katie was given a very generous $100 gift card to Amazon for her birthday not too long ago. She stashed it away with all the other gift cards we get--behind the Kitchen Aid mixer in a small plastic bag. It's where gift cards go to rest until we are ready to use them; a logical decision to keep your wallet from becoming a brick-sized leather lump to rest your buns upon.

Katie has been looking at different things she wanted to get with this gift money and putting them in her shopping cart until she had the full dollar amount, figuring she would pay for it all at once. Well just about a week ago Katie was finally ready to check out and make her purchases. Except...the gift card wasn't in the baggy. She asked me if I had recently used it or misplaced it and I assured her that I hadn't seen it or touc…

My friend the polar bear...

I really have no clue what brought this on other than feeling the need to post something again.

My friend the polar bear
is big and white and warm
But don't be too deceived
as he can really do you harm

His jaw is full of iron teeth
his paw hides claws of steel
His muscles buried behind his fur
are oh-so-strong and real

But loving is his graceful gaze
(not to be seen up close)
And handsome is the velvet black
that rests upon his nose

His woolly coat that seems so white
reflects the light surrounding
Translucent tubes of folicals
that warm and dry while swimming

So if you get a chance to meet
my friend the polar bear
Please give a smile, wave, and nod
and keep your distance--please beware.