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Like Riding a Bike...

Once you learn how to ride a bike (say, as a child), it is very easy to pick it back up again, even in old age. Psychologists have invested valuable resources to discover why our brains work this way.

I have done my own research and drawn a fascinating parallel with spirituality. Here is what I have discovered:

A wise man once said, "You are tempted more by what you've experienced than what you are curious of." It would have been prudent of me to abide by the counsel of my father but I was curious to find out whether this was really true or not. It turns out, it is.

I could recount to you numerous times in which I stumbled into some sinful behavior and unknowingly found myself shackled by the guilt and shame of that behavior and repeating the process of it again and again with no plan of escape. Likely, you could recount numerous stories back to me.

Perhaps it was stealing for you, or maybe pornography. You were simply curious to see what all the buzz was about. So you d…