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Reflections on reflections....

Light pierces the darkness. But the darkness did not recognize it. -John 1:5

Have you ever tried to drive with your headlights off on a night when the moon is full directly overhead and there are no streetlights around, no clouds in the sky, and no other cars in sight? (note: this last detail remains the most important). It's amazing! There is entirely enough light to see details in the road, surrounding the road, and even to see some things within your car.

Why make this observation? Well first of all, because it is cool and reckless and chances are you wouldn't have known that had I not told you, and props to you for not trying. But secondly, to observe that reflected light can be super bright!

Before I proceed, allow me to clarify where all this is coming from: the night sky. It's black as we perceive it. Images from space show that space is just void nothingness and nothingness is perceived as darkness.

And yet there are thousands of hundreds of burning balls of gas, …

100 Pennies

I learned a lesson yesterday.
A valuable lesson.
Well, technically a lesson that would cost about $1.50, but some would say it was worth more than that.

Katie and I decided to sell our luxurious Buick Century in favor of something that we can grow into as a family a little more. Something with fewer miles, higher off the ground, and ready for a beating. We ended up landing a 2005 Ford Freestyle by the grace of God in our price range with only 28,000 miles. The God-timing of it all and the beauty of getting an offer on our car the same week led us to move on the Freestyle. The only hang-up was in selling the Buick.

I met with the buyer a couple days ago only to be reminded (as we were walking into the BMV) that the title needed to be in my name in order for me to sign it over. Doh! I drove home to Katie who was patiently putting two babies down for their afternoon naps and I quickly realized that signing the Buick over would have to wait until another day. So I set things up with the b…