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Tonight we celebrated Katie's half birthday.
By eating half a chocolate cake.
Ordering half cheese/half pepperoni pizza.
Drinking 3 of the 6-pack of Coke.
Giving Katie half of a birthday card.
Inviting half the guests.
Expecting half of them to show up.
Planning to meet during the half time show during the Broncos game.

Best part: Katie and Isaiah were asleep on the couch from 4:30-6:30. Everyone showed up at 6 and I actually got everyone into the living room standing in front of Katie before she realized that there were 8 other people with us. You don't know sneaky until you know a group of sneaky people.

In other news: This morning for worship we passed out 600 whistles, flutes, kazoos, and hand clappers and sang "Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not be Silent". It is possibly the coolest thing ever to see old people playing slide whistles to their hearts content during a worship service. Go God!

Squirrels pt. 1

Well, this morning is my birthday, and as I lay here sleeping in on my birthday morn, what should I hear but the familiar sound of animals pitter pattering across my rooftop as if Christmas eve were here again for all things 1:10 our size. And that's when it hit me.
It snowed last night.
There should be a 0% chance of squirrels making nose on a rooftop covered with snow.Unless...they are under my roof....

Fancy Football

I have a bone to pick with the creator of fantasy football: why can't my team win??

Don't get me wrong, I love to play fantasy football and I care much more about the NFL when I play fantasy football than when I don't. I love to watch games that don't involve the Bengals because there is a good chance I have a player on one of the teams who I am pulling for or against. In general, fantasy football is just plain fun.

But it also is brutal.

My team just bounced from a 3 game skid at the beginning of the season to an impressive 10 game winning streak, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

The past 2 years, my team has played very well through regular season play and made it to the mini-super bowl game only to finish 2nd.

So what is it, Mr Fantasy Creator, about this game that you have designed to be so cruel to me? You allow me to put together a good team and then squander my hopes in the playoff rounds. How wicked are your thoughts! 
Or....maybe you're j…

And it doesn't show signs of stopping...

There is only one thing about our current living situation that I find unpleasant: we have no garage.All in all we have a great little house. Private culdesac (which is a nice way of saying dead end), big trees, hard wood floors, fireplace, and nice neighbors. Even the bus drivers who blast their radios at ungodly hours of the morning and litter or street with lunch wrappers aren't that bad.But on a day like today, when you have a 2 hour window to work on your wife's car, not having a garage is really gonna stink. Santa, if you're reading this, please bring me a garage for Christmas. That's all I really want.Speaking of stinky things, my dishwasher is cleaning dishes, but causing then to smell like mildew or rotting milk, both of which leave me with a less-than-clean feeling when I put a cup to my lips.And speaking of bus drivers, Katie and I have decided to win them over with love instead of griping to or neighbors about them. If we give them candy and Christmas cards…

Tis the Season folks!

Merry Christmas!!!