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Tonight we celebrated Katie's half birthday.
By eating half a chocolate cake.
Ordering half cheese/half pepperoni pizza.
Drinking 3 of the 6-pack of Coke.
Giving Katie half of a birthday card.
Inviting half the guests.
Expecting half of them to show up.
Planning to meet during the half time show during the Broncos game.

Best part: Katie and Isaiah were asleep on the couch from 4:30-6:30. Everyone showed up at 6 and I actually got everyone into the living room standing in front of Katie before she realized that there were 8 other people with us. You don't know sneaky until you know a group of sneaky people.

In other news: This morning for worship we passed out 600 whistles, flutes, kazoos, and hand clappers and sang "Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not be Silent". It is possibly the coolest thing ever to see old people playing slide whistles to their hearts content during a worship service. Go God!


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Rent to Own Garages of Greatness

I've recently come into a great partnership. I have often wanted a place to store my tools and keep my car dry on rainy days. But I haven't figured out a good way to pay for such an expensive proposition. Of course I could build one, but I recently found that there is a company here in Ohio who builds these garages for a small mark-up and will deliver it ready to use.

Cincy Sheds offers these garages for sale or in a rent-to-own option. You pay 36 payments on a monthly basis of somewhere around $500 and you own the garage at the end of everything.

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Running Start

"The worst that could happen is wet shoes and a broken ankle."
Those were the encouraging words Katie offered as we walked around the backside of the pond a second time.

On the front side of the pond was a little island, about 7 feet away from the shoreline. It appeared to be the home for the geese and ducks who flocked about the water that warm winter day. From a distance it looked like an easy jump to make it from the bank to the island, but the closer I got to the edge of the pond, the further the jump appeared to be. I definitely knew I wouldn't be able to make the distance from a standing jump but I felt fairly confident I could make the jump with a running start.

If it was just a matter of jumping from point A to point B, I would have attempted the jump with no hesitation, but there was some risk involved. Wet shoes, a broken ankle, and wounded pride were all fairly low risks overall, but still, it was enough to make me second-guess my parkour abilities.

So I decid…