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Casting A Conscientious Vote

Here's the thing America: you nominated two terrible representatives for public office--one "Republican" and one Democrat. Both of their campaign managers have decided that the strongest approach to get elected is to basically claim "at least I'm not them." Both parties have released ad campaigns to bash the other candidate and both, I might argue, do so quite effectively.

Now that I have successfully been persuaded that I should vote for neither candidate (thanks to the other candidate), I am left wondering who there is left to vote for. Certainly there is some candidate who is both qualified as a politician and as a person of reasonable morals??

Enter the 3rd party system.
America was founded against a national party system (you can read about that here for an enlightening time). And yet it is this national party system that has allowed a Democratic convert like Donald Trump to represent the Republican party. Trump knew that the only way to have a shot at Presidency was to run on one of the two main party tickets. Meanwhile, the Democratic party managed to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the primaries and forced Clinton as their puppet of choice.
Why was there not a 3rd or 4th candidate allowed to debate at any of the Presidential debates?
Where is our 3rd party voice America?
Do we have to take sides between red or blue? Is there no middle party that might better represent our nation?

I have heard Republicans tell me that if I vote 3rd party, that counts as a vote for Hillary.
I have heard Democrats say that if I don't vote at all, I am endorsing Trump.
Mathematically nothing could be further from the truth! A vote towards either candidate is the only way to endorse them; anyone who says otherwise is simply trying to employ a scare tactic. 

I would argue that a vote for a 3rd party means more this year than it has ever meant before! A vote for the Libertarian Party is a chance for that party to have its voice heard. A vote for the Green Party means that people will know that they don't have to choose option 1 or 2...they can pick option 3 or 4 or 5 if they like!

So I choose to vote 3rd party, because I want America to know that we do not have to be a bipartisan nation. We are a melting pot of ideas and beliefs--let's allow our governing body to reflect that!

So get out there and vote, faithful reader! Vote in such a way that enables your conscience to sleep well at night. Don't vote out of fear for the "other party" winning or losing. Let your voice be heard!
Viva la America!
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  1. Daniel; While I agree with all of your points...well made....the thing that is foremost in my mind is the Hillary 8 month old fetus slaughter. Yes, I AM just voting AGAINST a party..not FOR one. I can't stomach either. But I am thinking of the millions of babies that will be butchered by Hillary Clinton..ya know...the candidate who has '"fought for children all my life, and I'm not stopping now!" candidate. Like it's not bad enough now...but if she is the pres, we'll be clearing new land to increase the size of our medical waste dumps for all of the babies she'll kill for convenience sake and because women have a RIGHT to do to THEIR bodies what they want...although it's not THEIR bodies they are killing. The 'R' guy least....against THAT. And the abortion issue is the one issue I can't get around. I HAVE to vote against it, and yes, if I don't vote for someone...ANYONE...who is against it and will try to stop it, the 'other' one will make babies nothing more than trash to be discarded as such. And for the first time in my voting life, I am going for the lesser of two evils. Could be worse...I voted for Dukakis/Bentson in 1988, when I was a 'D' guy....but my lobotomy fixed that! Your take on this?

    1. I can offer my suggestions. How is Trump saying he will stop it? He's funding Planned Parenthood fully, he's been pro-choice COMPLETELY until 18 months ago and has never shown a reason other than words that he's actually changed. If you think it's the chance his SCOTUS appointments is the reason, you may want to consider he's never stuck "to a list" and now by speaking out against Republican congressmen, how will he be able to get those people appointed when it could very well be a Democratic legislative branch as well. If you could drop a bomb on the conservative or Republican party, he's the perfect nuke to do it. The Democrats are in just as bad shape, just the press is holding it from the news. Trump has said many times, he does/says what it takes to win and then does what he wants. He and his family have been and are liberals that want the same things that the far left and Hillary want. By voting 3rd party it will show that those in power now need to change or they will be leaving their offices soon as well.

  2. Well said Mark Scherer. The 3rd party is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson (I might have last names wrong, but first name right) but both of these candidates, and Hillary Clinton are pro-choice. ( pro baby has not right) and like Mark, I can not vote for some one who is willing to kill babies. So I choice to vote against some one who is pro-choice. Your thoughts?

    1. Just a suggestion. He will win at least Utah and possibly 2 more states. THAT is what we need...

  3. Hey Dan, brave of you, keep on with it. I am for a third/fourth/fifth VIABLE candidate. It's sad/crazy/weird/immature that we are on the red/blue//black/white dualistic train to nowhere. Now, all this ties into my dissertation, so it's no surprise to me. It's just sad and I'm confounded as to how to "be the change." I don't think voting third-party right now is the answer. It's good to know there are other conscientious people out there...actually, I think there's quite a large contingent. I just don't know how to start the conversation leading to action that creates multiple, viable candidates. Any ideas?

    1. This is a great time to start the conversation because people care about it right now. If there are 2 more conservative candidates next election then all will be for naught. Start the conversation now and continue it. Make our politicians know about it. The more people who respond to phone polls who identify neither as D or R will give statistical reasons for a 3rd or 4th party to be on the books


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