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Chocolate cake for breakfast

One of my favorite comedians of all time is Bill Cosby.
Why? you may ask.
Because Bill Cosby is witty, humorous, and a great role model. In fact, it was just this morning that I decided to listen to some of the great advice that Bill Cosby has to offer. This particular piece of advice comes from one of his most famous bits about preparing breakfast for his children. If you are at all a Bill Cosby fan then perhaps you are a step ahead of me and you already know the rest of the story. Allow me to cut to the chase: I devoured half of a chocolate cake for breakfast this morning. Yum. And thanks Bill.

In other news, I have spent the past two weeks (from SuperBowl Sunday to Oscar Sunday) working on home rehab projects; the last of which was completed this past weekend. Since the SuperBowl, Katie and I have framed in a doorway which used to be a wall, expanded our closet, installed a utility tub, and built industrial shelving. I have decided two things after completing these projects:

1) I love to see change in my living habitat. Not necessarily just a new coat of paint. Rearranging the furniture, building something new, or repurposing something old. Something needs to change. After having lived in our house for a year and a half, these projects were well past due.

2) I can only do so many projects before I am tired of projectizing. I am more than satisfied with the work we did for now and I am happy to say that the job is done. It will be several months before the hammer is picked back up for any kind of intentional rehab project.


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