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Daniel vs. Discipline --Day 1

I signed up to run the Flying Pig Marathon this past week. Several friends have cautioned that in order to be ready to start training, I need to be logging 9 miles or so weekly to prepare my body for the pounding it will receive this coming winter. I don't know about you, but when it comes to waking up 60 minutes earlier in order to exert 30 more minutes of cardiovascular activity that you wouldn't otherwise spend, I have a difficult time motivating myself to both make and follow-through with plans to put in that time. I know it would be good for me and I am well aware that 60 minutes isn't the difference between feeling rested or not if you are aware of your wake up time the night before. \

And yet I lack the discipline to roll out of bed and go do it. I keep telling myself, "I'll start training on Monday," or "after the time change," or "the first of November," and on and on the excuses go.

Well this morning I did it. Isaiah had a rough night sleeping last night so I didn't get a particularly full night's rest anyhow. My body was awake at 7:00 and the only thing left to do was convince the eyes to stay open. To my own dismay I had told Katie that my plan was to start running again so her first question when I woke up was whether I would go running. Blast! Now there is accountability involved too!

I donned my sweat shirt and pants, grabbed a quick glass of water, stretched my legs and was off. I logged about 2 miles before I needed to stop for a breather. Just before I did, my heart jumped as I heard a loud rustle in the tall grass 20 feet off to my left. It sounded as though a large object was jumping out of the weeds and making an attack! (so thought my inner James Bond). I was surprised to see a 6-point buck jump up from his resting place and start leaping his way through the tall grass, over the path and away across the open field. Wow God, I thought, thank you for giving me a chance to witness your creation in the morning.

It was a little empowering to know that I had woken and started my day before this deer had started his. (It was also empowering to picture the deer charging at me with his rack pointed down and me wrestling it to the ground and killing it with my bare hands, but I digress....)

I made it home again with plenty of time to spare. Isaiah was still asleep and there was room in my day to shower, change, and grab a quick bite to eat. It was a great feeling to know that I had overcome my sloth today and conquered discipline.


Physical and spiritual disciplines are not the same thing.
Discipline of the body is a good thing to learn, and just as the outside and inside of the cup should be clean, it does no good to just clean the outside. (Matt 23:26)

I have been taking a class on spiritual formation this semester and it has been one of the most helpful courses a Christian could take. The course content centers around the idea of spiritual growth in the individual's life. It is essential for a Christian leader to have an intensely personal relationship with Jesus in order to guide God's people closer to Himself. I was reading a delightful article by Amanda Furbeck that discusses the fact that the most important job a worship minister has is to have a rich personal relationship with Jesus and then lead others to follow your example.

So in the battle of Daniel versus Discipline the score reads something like, Daniel-.5, Discipline-.5

Way to sort-of go myself. Now, let's go spend time with Jesus.

Hobbit wanna-be


  1. Hey - thanks for mentioning my article! Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your family beyond your wildest imagination!


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