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Enlightened Age of (t)Reason

Did you know that there are over 700 commands in the Bible? Well, now you do. And out of those 700+ rules, how many do you suppose you have kept/are keeping?

Some of those commands are relatively easy to keep (do not murder, do not steal, do not make sacrifices to other gods, don't have sex with animals, or even the command to cut off the hand of a woman who grabs the testicles of a man who is in a fight with her husband--I have kept that last one by simply avoiding a naked wrestling match with a wife nearby looking like she had a firm grip).

Some of those commands are harder to keep (don't shave the corners of your beard, honor your father and mother, stone and adulterer, let your yes be yes).

And some commands are easy to keep, but we are simply too smart these days for them (keep the Sabbath holy, keeping fasting days, homosexuality, etc).
It is some of these examples that have me particularly worried.

When Jesus is questioned about why his disciples do not fast, He explains that when the bridegroom is present is a time for feasting, not fasting (Matt. 9:15). But Jesus goes on to say that the bridegroom will be taken away and "then they will fast." How is it then, that we rarely ever practice fasting in the 21st Century?
My inclination is that it is because "we know better."
We know that it is healthier to eat 5 small meals a day than 3 large meals. We know what kind of carbs, protein, and fats we need in order to maintain a balanced diet. We know that Jesus didn't command that  we practice fasting so we just don't do it (even though Jesus himself practiced fasting). We don't fast because we are working out and need our protein shakes and because we will under-achieve at work if we let our glucose level slip for a day. We have the excuses, we just lack the carrying out of the command (despite the numerous Christ followers in our rich history who have practiced fasting many times a week as a part of creating a spiritual discipline).

You see, we live in an age of enlightenment.
We live in an age of reason.
We live in an age of treason.

Through reason we have elected treason. Through explaining why we shouldn't or why we couldn't fast, we go against what the King wants us to do.

God makes a pretty stinkin' big deal throughout the book of Exodus about keeping the Sabbath holy, and that how, by taking a day of rest, it will set God's people apart from everyone else. God makes such a big deal about this that He even instructs us to put to death anyone who does not keep that day holy.
So why is it that we don't keep to the idea of taking a day off every once in a while? Is it because we know that the weekend is retail's biggest sales days? Is it because after a full work week we need a couple days to do work around the house? Is it because we don't want to take a day off? Is it because we know something today that believers "back then" didn't know? Or are we living in an age of treason?

I would encourage us to give careful attention to God's commands and not "rationalize" away the reality that we should obey. Let us not think that we are above God's commands and let us not think that we know better.


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