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Opening Day--It's no April Fools!

It has always been a dream of mine to play hooky on Reds Opening Day.

This year, it almost happened.

-I took the whole day off work.
-I watched the Findlay Parade.
-I got a free cheese coney and a cup of hot chocolate.
-I went to batting practice before the game.
-I stayed for more than my fair share of baseball (12 innings)
-I stood for 9 innings straight.
-I froze my butt off.

The rest of the story:
-Isaiah and I spent the morning at home, eating our individual cereals and fruits and waited for Dan to swing by the house for us to go to the ballpark together.
-Dan brought his roofing truck which has a clearance of 6' 11"
-Of the 13 parking garages we drove past or tried to enter, 12 of them had a 6' 8" clearance sign.
-It took 30 minutes of gridlock traffic to find our parking spot and finally get to the parade, only after having dropped Isaiah off with Katie for him to return home for a nap (strike one: Katie and Isaiah miss the parade).
-I had to pay for 3 of the 4 cheese coneys Dan and I ate. Could have got another for free had we wrung them up separately.
-The hot chocolate was just so I could start to feel my hands again.
-I got to sit right behind the Reds dugout for batting practice, but then spent the next 4 hours in Standing Room only sections amidst drunk people who kept scaring Isaiah when they shouted (strike two).
-If Katie had not brought my winter coat to the ballpark, I would have frozen more than just my butt off.
-Katie and Isaiah left after the 10th inning as 8:00p had rolled around, so they went to go get the car and warm it up.
-Dad and I got to move up to some of the best seats in the house compliments of other people also freezing.
-Dad and I leave after the 12th inning, as it is now 8:40 and Isaiah needs to be home by 9p or he will turn into a goon.
-The Reds lose in 13 innings, 3-1. (strike three).

All in all, a pretty good day. Was it everything I wanted and more? No. Next year Isaiah will appreciate parades much more and we will try again. The weather is bound to be warmer, right??


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