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Squirrels Pt. 3

‎'Twas the night of Squirrel Appreciation Day and all through the attic
not a creature was stirring though they had a place to habit.
The peanuts were placed, the cage door was sprung
And all of the gutters were carefully hung.

The tree limbs which normally hung o'er the roof
Were no longer there, it seemed they'd gone "poof!"
The homeowner leaned back and grinned like a cat,
"Now try to get off of the roof and then back!"

But weather in Cincy remains a big mystery
And squirrels don't come out when the temperature's misery.
So hunkered and fed, the beasts stayed inside
The frustrated homeowner's one-day-eviction dream died. 

The stalemate had lingered a bit more than wished,
As Old Man Winter's wind whipped 'round and swished.
The house guests stayed put as the cage door stayed lifted,
No owner will see that his tenants are evicted.

So sleep well, dear cute ones, for a day or two longer,
And chatter it up while my hate becomes stronger.
For soon I will catch you and throw you outside
In the woods far away, where you both can abide.
-Daniel "The Frustrated" Home Owner


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