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When obvious just isn't good enough...

Dear Officer Hayes from the Sheriff's Office,

I am sorry that my cow truck is not unique enough for you to notice that it is not abandoned just because it has sat in the parking lot next to the church overnight. I am sorry that it is not more of an attention getter for you--that the cow spots are not distinct enough to notice that my vehicle has been sitting at the church nearly everyday. I'm sorry that in the past year and a half, I haven't drawn more attention to which vehicle I choose to drive to the church. I'm sorry that I choose to park in the adjacent parking lot which the church paid for and that you haven't noticed that until this week. I'm sorry that I haven't left my vehicle parked overnight more than 10 times so that you would know that this wasn't a unique occasion. And I'm sorry that you think a truck painted like a cow qualifies for anything remotely  comparable to an abandoned vehicle. Next time I will try to make it more obvious that a vehicle is not abandoned so that you don't feel obligated to leave an orange sticker on the car stating that it is abandoned.

The Proud Owner of the MooMobile

Speaking of why my truck was left overnight...the truck wouldn't start. Fortunately it turned out to simply be a bad connection between the terminals and the pick up wires. Unfortunately, this type of malfunction is becoming more and more common with the beloved bovine. In fact, Trey and Emily gave me a very thoughtful Christmas present. A Christmas present of a companion kit on how to deal with the loss of your pet once they die. I can openly admit that losing the MooMobile will be a tough moment for me and will inevitably result in a delightfully long blog detailing our countless hours together.
But until then...suck it up and get me back to where I need to be going, Mr Moo.

Bonus feature: Today I made a Lowes run. I needed to by a faucet for our utility tub. I went to the plumbing section. I searched the entire aisle looking for the most logical place to put a boring ol', plain ol' two-handed faucet. I found none. I went to the kitchen sink decor aisle. There I purchased the cheapest, plainest, most un-decorated faucet I could find. That's right. This utility tub is going to be grubbing it up in style.


  1. An excellent start. I guess Mr Moo could write his own blog, with entries that begin, "You know you're getting old when..."

  2. I forgot about Mr Moo's facebook page. Statuses to ensue...


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