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Squirrels Pt. 4

And the end tally....Squirrels 0, Daniel 1

After much headache, heartache, and backache, the squirrels are gone. They survived expanding foam, loud noises, new gutters, and even escaped the clutches of The Cage. But if there's one thing a squirrel can't stand, it's having their access branches cut down.

That's right. I climbed up a 24' ladder into the limited reaches of a 124' tree and sawed the 4 low hanging branches that the squirrels had been using as rooftop access. Nevermind the powerlines that run beside the tree and connect to the rooftop, and neverind the instructions on the saw to never use the saw-on-a-pole near powerlines. The fact of the matter is that the squirrels have left of their own accord, the hole is patched, and the home owner is happy.

Now, onto creating holes inside the house--next project: first floor rehab.


  1. You and your dad! Just wait till Isaiah posts something like this. You'll understand.


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